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Westwood Telegrams

You are "PRINCIPAL OF THE YEAR" and we have the transformed lives of our cowboys and cowgirls to prove it.  These are our leaders of tomorrow who will become model professionals, parents, neighbors, friends, elected officials and the personification of Essential "55" that we are so proud of.  Their lives, our lives have been changed because of you Sheriff Ellis.  And, congratulations on achieving another milestone that others said could not be done.  Westwood is no longer labeled as unacceptable!!!  God is GOOD!  I have watched and supported this school for almost two decades.   No need to wait on a designation from any other source.   Sheriff Ellis, I, having witnessed the exemplary performance of your duties and responsibilities, do nearby declare you the PRINCIPAL OF THE YEAR for the State of Louisiana. 

 Westwood Supporter for Over a Decade

Howdy Sheriff Ellis,

I wanted to take the time to first thank you for allowing me to shadow you on such short notice and make me feel like a part of your team from the moment I entered the building. Your leadership style is astounding. It has provided me with so much insight as I continue my journey to become an effective leader. Your staff is a direct reflection of your drive to ensure that all students excel. The “Aha” moments at Westwood are too numerous to name. I have been expressing to family, friends, and colleagues, the amazing atmosphere that surrounds the school. The students are focused and the teachers ensure that they are learning at all times.  I can’t stop talking about my experiences in music, first grade, fourth grade, and kindergarten. Your ability to delegate allows your staff to play an important role in the decision making that directly affects student achievement and school development.

All of the Marshalls made me feel welcome and excited to be at the “Ranch.”

Marshall Randall’s warm attitude toward me when she entered the building made me feel at ease about how my day would be at Westwood.

Marshall Fuggins and Marshall Jones took me under their wings and showed me the many great things that are happening at the “Ranch.” They also shared stories about the different paths they have taken in education.

Marshall Franklin showed me the ropes in the cafeteria and also how to take care of the business at hand.

Marshall French is always a delight to be around and his “Handle Business” attitude exemplifies his ability to be successful at whatever he does.

Marshall Daniels, Marshall Voorhies, and Marshall Nelson showed me the true essence teamwork.

Once again, I want to thank you for this experience that I’m sure will help me succeed in my quest to be leader. Please let Deputy Clinton, Deputy Rogers, and the parent that I interviewed know that I appreciate their time and input. Also let Deputy Giordano, Deputy Williams, Deputy Johnson, and Deputy Richmond know that they ROCK.

Thank you,
Marshall (Meja) Hunt

You are working miracles everyday!  We Are Caddo!

Caddo Director

It was a such pleasure meeting YOU and all your DEPUTIES plus your cowboys and cowgirls.  You are amazing.  The enthusiasm definitely radiates on your grounds and your leadership inspires me.  I was very impressed with each of the classrooms we were able to view. Any child, I believe will want to come in feel welcome, inspired and ready to learn in such a unique atmosphere.  School sure has changed since I was little.  WOW is all I can say.
“Honored” Community Partner


 I will be doing another foldables workshop soon. I plan to use the pictures from the WW Ranch when I visited.  Simply amazing what I saw from your cowboys.  I plan to  brag on Westwood Deputies and Cowboy Scholars. Thanks!

  Caddo Central Office Employee


Westwood is the Renee Ellis Academy!  Thanks for being such a transformational leader and making such drastic change happen so quickly.  Looking forward

I seeing additional depth added to the Westwood experience!  Caddo District Leaders, You are such a driving force for that community! I am proud to be in your


Community Adopter

 Your school is the best thing that has happened in the lives of the majority of your students. The love, the positivity, the educational experience has truly been phenomenal!! You have opened up that whole concept through books and all the rich experiences for your cowboys and girls ! Continue the journey!!

 Communty Partner


 A great BIG THANK YOU ! For  allowing my son to come and spend  a day at work with his mom. That comes from the heart of a woman that knows how to appreciate family and family values. Only those good things within us can come out of us! Looks like to me you have an overflow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so thankful to you for the many opportunities that you have afforded him, and I pray that he continues to make you proud in all of his hard work  and efforts.

Cowboy Scholar Parent


Thanks for the thank you from the Ranch as well. Fantastic  looking support sign. Great looking students and uniforms. You all keep up the great work you are doing at the Ranch. Keep riding High!!

Community Adopter


 Yee-HAWWW!  The Westwood Ranch family continues their quest of being remarkable every day!  Well done Sheriff Ellis…again! 

 Community Adopter


 Thank you for welcoming me to your school without an appointment. Being in the presences of excellence was inspiring. Your school showed me that it was such a positive

atmosphere not only for the teachers but mostly for the children that you are engaging in education, morals, conduct, and good citizenship. I applaud you for
your diligence in constantly striving for the best in your staff and in you and most of all for the children to build their lives is a positive atmosphere.

 Community Adopter


 Words simply cannot describe how proud I am of you! Our students are blessed to have you and your staff. I am so excited to see how this race will end. Run on.....

Caddo Parish Leader

I wish Westwood went to 12th grade.  I don't want this to be my last year on the Ranch.

Westwood Cowboy Scholar

I love my school.  I am so glad to be here for 6th grade.  I have never been to a school like this.  I am so happy.

Westwood Cowgirl Scholar

Thanks for all you do for the community in the West!  WOW!!!!!!!!!! !  It was fantastic meeting you and your deputies today.  What a school you have built, amazing.  I can't get enough of the Ranch!

Community Adopter

"WESTWOOD is a model school for turnaround transformation."

Community Adopters

"Phenomenal!"  I not only am enrolling my child but I want to work on the Westwood Ranch.

Former Community Partner but now Current Westwood Deputy

I have heard everyone come in my store talking about the Ranch so I had to stop by.  This is an amazing place.  I am now part of the Westwood family. Double WOW!

Westwood Community Adopter

There are too many glows to name about the Westwood Ranch so I won't list.  National model school for sure.

Westwood Supporter

I love being a Deputy Dad.

Westwood Proud Dad

There are amazing things happening in this school.  I encourage others to visit.

Westwood Supporter

The cowboys are so happy.  Isn't that what school should be about?

Westwood Parent

I am so happy my children attend this school.

Westwood Parent

Everybody abides by the Essential 55.  I had the opportunity to attend the Essential 55 last man standing Assembly.  A 1st grader beat out everyone.  Where does a 1st grader beat out a 6th grader??  At Westwood!  I'm buying this book for my staff to use TODAY.  This school is an awesome experience.

Westwood Community Adopter

All you see are smiles at Westwood.  The students are elated and just soooooo respectful.  Just awesomeness!

Westwood Community Adopter

Every day I pinch myself to see if this is real.  Am I really teaching in this school.  I am and I'm so happy.  Pinch me again because I've been in shock daily.  I am the luckiest teacher alive.

Westwood Deputy/Teacher

I am so happy to work in an environment like Westwood.  I got my MOJO back in teaching.  I miss work now when I leave.

Westwood Deputy/Teacher

I look forward to coming to the WW Ranch EVERY DAY to drop off my cowboy.  This school is the best.

Westwood Parent

I just spent 3 hours at the WW Ranch to just drop off a book.  Time flew and I was mesmerized.  There are really no words to describe the experience.  Hats off to Sheriff Ellis and her Deputies.  WOW!

Community Leader

Westwood is doing something amazing!!!!  You have raised the bar.  The leader, teachers, parents, and community have something to celebrate.  It is an honor to have this experience.

Community Leader

This school is to be commended.  I literally am shocked because I worked here in the 90s.  The children are so happy.  The TEAM you developed is amazing.  The children here have a "golden ticket".  Do you realize the lives that are being saved?

Caddo District Leader

This is a model school for Caddo and the state.  The spirit is in the WALLS.  I literally felt welcomed when I drove on the Ranch...it continuously got better right after I opened my car door.

Caddo Administrator

I received the newsletter in the mail today.  Thank you so much for all you are doing for your students at Westwood.  Arms of Love Community Resource Center will continue to do all we can to support the students at your school.  You're doing a GREAT job!

Community Supporter

I keep hearing great things about Westwood!  I couldn't make the transformational meeting, so I checked out this website!  WOW! What a way to SHOWCASE your school.  I look forward to seeing you at the job fair.

Interested Teacher

Westwood is shining because of the good deeds that are done daily for our community.

Security Coordinator

As I help prepare my daughter for the LEAP, I am uplifting not only her but also all the students and teachers at Westwood in prayer. I am confident that her teachers have supported and encouraged her throughout the year and given her the tools necessary to be successful.  I am pray for calmness so that she and her classmates will show what they have learned this year.  Westwood you are in my prayers.


You, your ranch hands, and your cowboys and cowgirls are amazing.  Thank you for including me along with the community in your Dr. Seuss Celebration.

Caddo Parish Supervisor

Thank you!! Mrs. Ellis for the gracious welcome I received this morning.  It truly is a pleasure to have my children where they belong.  I look forward to the rest of the school year being a success. I can feel the positive energy and see the dedication in the students and staff.  I believe that with hard work and determination we can achieve +20.

Parent of 3 Candidates (1st, 4th & 5th grades)

Westwood will be the next Blue Ribbon School of Excellence!

Caddo Parish Employee

This school has transformed into the BEST hidden secret on this side of town. WOW!!!! I am truly speechless at the transformational change. The principal is a change agent. Westwood is on the way to a Blue Ribbon path. I am so proud to be part of the transformational change.

​Caddo Parish Central Office

Westwood is well on it's way to becoming a BLUE RIBBON SCHOOL!

Caddo Parish Employee

I love this school!

4th Grade Candidate

The new sign looks great, as well as the website!

Team Parent

WOW!!! Get Ready!  Westwood Elementary School you all are on your way to great heights. I am in amazement at all that the school is doing. You all are truly the BUZZ around town! Principal Ellis, congratulations on your big move, you will do an excellent job! And to the rest of the faculty and staff: I know that you all are ready to do great things. Got the news that you all have a new member added to your team. All I can say is that you all are in for a "REAL TREAT!" Mr. French is awesome and he deserves to be with such a great and positive team. I met Mr. French at a parent workshop and he just had my husband and me in AWE! He is commended to be leaving a Magnet School, which many teachers run to - thinking that it is a walk in the park to teach at, but I can tell you that he is no stranger to hard work, caring and loving. I think I am his number one fan! Mr. French - Congratulations on your new promotion! Keep up the good work! Westwood, thank you for wanting to be the best and sharing your passion in educating the boys and girls of Shreveport, Louisiana. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


Wow!  What a learning experience!  I have learned so much more about how to be a more effective teacher and TEAM member in the last month than in all my previous 11 years of teaching. Thank you for being the example of positivity that you provide daily!

TEAM Member

Westwood Elementary, the students, teachers, parents, and that surrounding community have only begun to feel the first effects of the colossal impact that Mrs. Ellis will continually make there!  This is only the beginning; I believe that with all of my heart.  Impacting lives, not only of the students themselves, but positively uplifting their every environment (teachers, parents, community members), is a calling that Mrs. Ellis has so enthusiastically embraced.  I’m going to stay tuned for even bigger and brighter models of excellence that she is sure to implement!  Go Renee!  Again, congratulations on your new assignment and we proudly join together in celebrating you as you walk forward in your newly-assigned ministry.  You are indeed a servant leader, a true academic servant leader!  We love you and support you as you continue to make significant positive influences in the lives of your new school family!

Principal's Colleague

I just wanted to send out a HUGE YEE HAW to you all for the awesome day we had today at Westwood!  I have never had so much fun at school in my life!  That beat any high school pep rally or football game by a mile.  I think that it fostered a camaraderie that will continue into the school year.  This camaraderie will be another of many contributions to the success of our Cowboys and Cowgirls this year.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  

WW  TEAM Member, 3rd Grade

Great story on KTBS!  You are an amazing motivator of people (adults and children).  You have a way of making people want to get on board with what you are doing.  Galatians 6:9  says “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."  May the Lord bless your efforts, my friend. 

Caddo Parish Employee - Central office

Your TEAM's dedication and hard work comes out loud and clear.  I’m very proud of Westwood.

Caddo Parish Principal

Your website looks great—easy to navigate—bright and colorful!  Excellent!

Caddo Parish  Principal

Thank you so much for allowing us to visit your campus today. From the moment I stepped out of my car, I was greeted warmly and made to feel welcome! As we walked through classes, I was pleased to see teachers working so hard to make sure that routines and procedures are being established! I feel strongly that your staff is good and together will become GREAT! We look forward to working with your team to move Westwood forward.
Please let me know if you need anything! 

Caddo Parish Supervisor

I am the mother of a teacher at Westwood.  I can't believe the change in her outlook with all the good things happening this year. She is a much happier teacher which I feel sure will transfer to her students.  I can't wait to come to visit to see all the changes myself. Thank you!

TEAM Member Parent

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with your team.  I know without a doubt this year will be phenomenal.  Behind great leadership is a team.  That is what you have.  Have a great year!

Community Partner

WOW! I never expected this! Thank you all for all your hard work and dedication to our children.  I love the Tuesday folders!!!!

4th Grade Parent

I'm so glad the new administration is here. I see how hard you work and it's making a difference. If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know.

Community Member

I love the web site and I am so excited about what is happening at Westwood. I know y'all are going to help the kids to learn to reach for the stars and get there. I can see it on the faces of the kids in the pictures. So excited for y'all and the kids. Even though I have retired, my heart is still at Westwood and the kids. Westwood is the BEST in the WEST.

Retired Westwood Employee

Before coming to your school today I visited your website to get a feel for your mission. I was struck by the  breath of fresh air that came through your Principal Message and staff bios. Once on campus, I was thrilled to see so much energy and “CAN DO ATTITUDE.” I am very excited to be working with your school this year to share my love of reading. Read Every Day - Lead a Better Life. 

Catherine Hender - Scholastic Book Fair Field Representative

Wow, Westwood has really changed.  The school looks REALLY good.  I want to come back.

Former Westwood Student (6th Grade now)

Thank you for encouraging my child to read every chance they get.  He wakes up reading, gets out of the car reading, leaves school reading, eats dinner reading, and even watches tv reading.  This is his daily routine.  Guess what?  His reading has gotten better in just a month of school.

Westwood Parent

Special thanks to all our parents who have gathered around and supported us through the years.  Continue to uplift us as we reclaim Westwood.

Team Member

As I reflect on all I have learned, I didn’t realize how much fun learning about teaching could be.  I am enjoying learning about my craft.

Team Member

I read all the time now. I am smart.

1st Grade Candidate

Wow, I love my new school. It’s beautiful!

2nd Grade Candidate

Westwood has gone under a transformation this year.  Special thanks to all the teachers and new leaders of the school.  My child loves to come to school every day.  I even started to come to school to volunteer.  Westwood is a happy school.  Let’s keep working hard for our children.

5th Grade Parent

I visited Westwood for the first time this school year and what a change. The positive atmosphere is amazing! This is going to be a GREAT year for the children and staff!  Thank you!

CPSB Employee

Believe me, it is my pleasure to work here and be on your TEAM. Thanks for being our LEADER!!!

Team Member

The LSUS teacher candidates are "Cowboy Proud" to be a part of the team at Westwood.  This is going to be a great rodeo!

LSUS Professor

I am so excited to be a student at Westwood this year.  This is going to be the best year EVER!! 

4th Grade Candidate

Westwood is looking great and I am proud to have my children in the school!

K, 3rd, and 5th Grade Parent

Howdy Cowboys!  Let's have a Rocking Great Rodeo!

TEAM Member

Since the first moment, I walked on the Westwood campus this school year, AMAZING things have occurred. There is such great excitement in the air at Westwood.  The cowboys and cowgirls are living up to high expectations. Every day a new and rewarding change occurs for our students. Come join us and see for yourself all of the great things occurring at Westwood Elementary School!  Thank you!

TEAM Member