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What is PBIS?



The main focus of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is to provide a clear system for
all expected behaviors at Westwood Elementary School. Through PBIS, we work to create and maintain a productive, safe environment in which ALL school community members have clear expectations and understandings of their role in the educational process.


Westwood received a 100% on our SET evaluation.  SET stands for School-Wide Evaluation Tool for the School Wide Positive Behavior Support Plan.  It is evaluated by evaluators from the parish and/or consultant group.  The evaluators interview random faculty/staff, students and PBIS team members.  The information is used to evaluate our plan.

Proactive Approach to School-Wide Discipline

Westwood has been successful in building a school-wide system and developing procedures to teach our Cowboys a clearly defined set of behavioral expectations defined in positive, simple life long skills. 

Staying Focused means paying attention to task at hand. Staying on subject.

• Are Positive means trying anything without giving up and saying “I can’t”.

• Use Good Judgment means when you see another classmate or someone else misbehaving, you still follow the rules that are given.

• Respect others means to listen when someone else is talking, do not talk when another is talking, and to follow directions the first time given. 

• Show Support means to attend school activities and to be helpful.


 Behavioral expectations are taught using the same teaching formats applied to other curricula. The general rule is
presented, the rationale for the rule is discussed, positive examples (“right way”) are described and rehearsed, and negative examples (“wrong way”) are described and modeled. Students are given an opportunity to practice the “right way” until they demonstrate fluent performance.

Appropriate Behaviors are Acknowledged. Once appropriate behaviors have been defined and taught,
they need to be acknowledged on a regular basis. Westwood Elementary has designed a formal system that rewards positive behaviors. “Spur Bucks” are immediate forms used by the individual teacher, at their discretion, as a tool of encouragement and a student motivator. 

Behavioral Errors are Corrected Proactively. When students violate behavioral expectations, clear procedures are needed for providing information to them that their behavior was unacceptable, and preventing that unacceptable behavior from resulting in inadvertent rewards. Students, teachers, and administrators all should be able
to predict what will occur when behavioral errors are identified.

PBIS No Major Referrals!!
PBIS No Referral Recess!  This celebration was a tremendous success for the students who earned it! Our Principal was indeed happy with the number of students who earned this reward.  Everyone on the playground was smiling. Thus our announcement with the song Happy by Pharell  playing in the background. Thank you all for making this an EXPERIENCE our Cowboys &  Cowgirls will remember for a lifetime.     



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   I CAN:

          Stay Focused

      Be Positive

​​          Use Good Judgement


         Respect Others

​​Show Support