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The importance of parental involvement in a student's educational success:



86% of the general public believes that support from parents is the most important way to improve the schools.
Lack of parental involvement is the biggest problem facing public schools.
Decades of research show that when parents are involved students have: 
  • Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates
  • Better school attendance 
  • Increased motivation, better self-esteem
  • Lower rates of suspension
  • Decreased use of drugs and alcohol
  • Fewer instances of violent behavior 
The more intensely parents are involved, the more beneficial the achievement effects.

Parent Expectations and Student Achievement 

The most consistent predictors of children’s academic achievement and social adjustment are parent expectations of the child’s academic attainment and satisfaction with their child’s education at school. 

Parents of high-achieving students set higher standards for their children’s educational activities than parents of low-achieving students. 

Three major factors of parental involvement in the education of their children:
  1. Parents’ beliefs about what is important, necessary and permissible for them to do with and on behalf of their children; 
  2. The extent to which parents believe that they can have a positive influence on their children’s education; and 
  3. Parents’ perceptions that their children and school want them to be involved. 

Ms. Scott, President
Ms. Greening, Vice-President
Mrs. Ellis, 2nd Vice-President
Mr. French, Treasurer

Ms. Greggs, Secretary

Ms. Randall, Parliamentarian

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Howdy Partners!  I am filled with hope and see the possibilities that we can cooperate in building the bridge between the home and school environments of the students.  Students will also be getting their parents involved in the Westwood Vision.  The education of our children is an example of modelling the Westwood spirit that the staff has created in their heart.  They are truly invested.  Their hearts have shown the parents a display of love that comes from being together.  This is why I love being the PTSA President for Westwood.  Thank you for your trust.

Umika Scott, PTSA President

Westwood Elementary has a strong PTSA with 100% of the Westwood staff, our Area Director, Acting Superintendent, and Mayor participating. We challenge the parents and students to become active and participate in making our school the best.  What we need from you most is your TIME!!  Please volunteer to be a room parent or club supporter!  Support your child in becoming the most outstanding adult they can be.  Dues are $5/year per person. Please see PTSA President for more information.

Cowboy Closet

Is your Cowboy or Cowgirl to big for their uniform? Well, that is O.K.! We are in need of what they have out grown. We are collecting and gathering both girl and boy gently worn uniforms. Also, if you are able to donate any NEW socks, undergarments, belts, and shoes, these are also needed. Reach out to your local groups, churches and organizations and let them know we are in need, please. Together we can make this happen! Bring anything you have up to the school and drop them off in the office!  We will make sure to get them to our uniform closet.  THANKS!

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