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1. Westwood is a  TOP GAINS School for the State of Louisiana.
2. Westwood is a LIVE UNITED school.
3. Westwood is the 1st school ever in history to win the “LIVE UNITED” Award
4. Westwood acheived a  +17.8 point gain on state assessment ~ State goal  8pts
5. Westwood received a proclamation from the Mayor of Shreveport, proclaiming October 23, 2014; Westwood Top Gain Day for the city of Shreveport for being a Louisiana          Top Gains School 

6. Westwood is known for its unity and 100% buy in to the “VISION” for systemic transformational change
7. Westwood incorporates many practices adapted from the Ron Clark Academy. Over 1/2 our TEAM has visited the Academy in Atlanta, Georgia and are SLIDE CERTIFIED!
8. School wide PBIS lessons with embedded Essential 55 rules as the foundation of the school
9. Westwood's TEAM is 100% KAGAN trained.....YEE-HAW!
10. Westwood is praised for its “Buy In” among ALL Stakeholders
11.  Westwood had over 1,000 attendees for our Back to School Night 2014-2015.  Thank you to ALL stakeholders for your support! EXTRA YEE-HAW to over 200 Deputy                  Dads.
12.  Westwood opened its doors as a neighborhood school on Jewella Ave in 1960.
13.  Westwood is a Title I school.
14.  Westwood is a school that believes in the TEAM approach, Together Everyone Achieves More, shared leadership and visionary thinking.
​​15.  Westwood is the proud home of cowboys and cowgirls.  We are the BEST in the West!
​16.  Westwood has an innovative Discoveries Academy for our academically gifted students.
17.  Westwood has 14 male TEAM members on staff.
18.  Westwood received a donation of 8,000 reading books for our cowboys and cowgirls.
​19.  Westwood is a school with high expectations, rigor and accountability for ALL stakeholders.
​20. Westwood has computers in every classroom including all enrichment classrooms.
​21. Westwood has Master class on Tuesday & Thursday after school and on Saturday morning.
22. Westwood incorporates Math University for 3rd -6th grade students.
​23. Westwood has an after school feeding program that feeds over 250 students and community members daily through their community grant.
​​24. Westwood received 100% on our PBIS program review.
​25. Westwood has been featured on the news and local newspaper over a dozen times.
26. Westwood has[ap1]  been recognized as on of the distinguished schools in Caddo Parish for our Box Top Drive.
​27. Westwood's new administrative team practices shared leadership.
​28. Westwood believes in speaking positivity into existence at all times.
​29. Westwood's marquee is changed twice a week with current events, keeping all stakeholders informed.
​30. Westwood supports "No TV Tuesday."
​31. Westwood sends home Tuesday Folders, every Tuesday for parent review.
​32. Westwood welcomes parents.  Parents are the number one teacher and we support them.
​33. Westwood has an open door policy for parents. Our red barn doors are always open.
34. Westwood publishes a full color quarterly newspaper, showcasing every grade level, event, and activity; along with a calendar of events taking place at the new Westwood.
​35. ​Westwood achieved 100% on our SET evaluation in 2013!
36. Westwood teachers won grants from Walmart, Arms of Love, and Rotary Club to name a few.
​​37. Westwood was featured in the PTSA newsletter with the Arms of Love backpack program.
38. Westwood TEAM members (teachers and staff) are 100% active in PTSA membership.
39. Westwood TEAM members took part in the five week “Best Practices in Teaching Mathematics” course.
40. Westwood TEAM members have fully furnished classrooms that include mounted Smartboards.
41. Westwood was invited to participate in the national “Reading is Fundamental Initiative” for our 3rd-6th grade students.  Our students were involved in writing essays and participated in a spelling bee.  RIF is sponsored by the Delta Lambda Omega  Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.
42. Westwood TEAM members keep portfolios on every child.
43. Westwood received 100% on the Safety Red Zone Test from Caddo Security, ensuring that ALL our students and staff are secure and safe at all times.
44. Westwood TEAM members plan instruction based strictly on DATA.
45. Westwood prides itself in keeping communication a key focus between home and school.  Parents receive weekly J-Calls  informing them of the daily activities happening          at Westwood.
46. Westwood follows a PBIS matrix lunch system that promotes positive student interaction.
​47. Westwood maintains three state of the art computer labs with over 100 computers.
​48. Westwood teachers have earned bachelor's degrees and ½ of our teachers have master's degrees and plus 30.
49. Westwood Deputies have received the Red Apple Award and the “One Class at a Time” Award.
​50. Westwood hosts weekly training for parents - the Principal/Parent Posse.​
​51. Westwood participates in Pizza Day in coalition with PBIS.
​52. Westwood has community partners who come daily to support the school in various ways.
53. Westwood has received the Project Green “Beautification Campus Award” for over five years in a row.
54. Westwood has the support of our community, enjoying the involvement of over 60 businesses that continuously support our school.
55. Westwood has a newly renovated campus as part of our beautification renovation project for the school transformation.
​56. Westwood has a newly furnished playground.
​57. Westwood has both inside and outside physical education  and learning zones.
​58. Westwood has a new custom-made sign donated by Willis Knighton.
​59. Westwood has a weekly club day for all cowboys & cowgirls sponsored by Westwood faculty team members.
​60. Westwood has a Master Class that is held after school and during the summer.
​61. Westwood partners with the VOA counseling program. We have 4 full time counselors to meet the needs of our candidates'  academic, social and emotional concerns providing services for families in need included home visits.
​62. Westwood has ongoing job-embedded professional development - twice weekly- high quality professional development led by district supervisors, our administrative team, community stakeholders, and TEAM members.
​​​63. Westwood has been recognized for significant TOP GAINS Growth from the State of Louisiana.
​64. Westwood has an iPad technology hub for classes in pre-kindergarten - 6th grade.
​65. Westwood has a highly successful "Character Counts" program  practiced daily in all classrooms.
​66. Westwood broadcasts the Daily Westwood Telegram, our school-wide morning meeting, led by the principal, and our 6th grade student leaders.
​67. Westwood has a Monday Morning meeting for upper and lower grades.
​68. Westwood has four Honors Programs each year to recognize our candidates’ hard work and achievements.
​69. Westwood uses the Project Wisdom program, school-wide as the foundation for positive character traits.
​70. Westwood follows a rigorous PBIS program, including all stakeholders, emphasizing a proactive, supporting approach rather than a reactive approach.
​71. Westwood has an in-house Old West Mercantile Store that promotes school-wide PBIS.
​72. Westwood has gender-based classrooms and has spent countless professional development hours studying its effects on how our cowboys and cowgirls learn in order to            maximize instruction.
​73. Westwood partners with Job Corps in maintaining the beautification of the campus.
​74. Westwood participates in a Reading Consortium with Higher Education, led by Dr. Williams of LSU-S.
​75. Westwood has our own in-house speech pathologist, who collaborates with classroom teachers inside and outside the classroom.
​76. Westwood has an in-house nurse providing services to our candidates.
​77. Westwood participates in Smile Louisiana, providing dental care at no cost to our candidates.
78. Westwood TEAM members participate in cluster, data, and grade level team meetings and professional learning communities.
​79. Westwood is the only school in Caddo Parish that offers parents and community members a Saturday Computer Academy.
​80. Westwood has a Master Class Academy that supplements the CCSS implementation for English language arts and  mathematics.
​81. Westwood has outside classroom zones for all grade levels. Westwood has a state of the art pre-Kindergarten program funded by Title I.
​82. Westwood has routine assemblies showcasing student work from the classrooms.
​83. Westwood student artwork is displayed regularly at the Caddo Parish School Board offices and throughout local businesses around the Shreveport/Bossier area.
84. Westwood has received grants for impacting all stakeholders in our community.
​85. Westwood believes in giving back to the community.
​86. Westwood participates with Porters Cleaners, Goodwill, Paint Your Heart Out and the Northwest Louisiana Food Bank and Project Green to complete community                         projects in enhancing the beautiful city we live in.​
87. Westwood is part of the Northwest Louisiana Food Bank Backpack Program.
​88. Westwood collects food and donates time & money to the Northwest Louisiana Food Bank.
89. Westwood has confident, hard-working, and smart Cowboys and Cowgirls, with the most supportive parents and community partners.
90. Westwood has 5 enrichment offerings to enhance daily instruction.
​91. Westwood TEAM members believe in our Cowboys and Cowgirls!  They are the BEST in the West!
92. Westwood is part of a two year program as a Turnaround School working with University of Virginia: Darden School Of  Business.
93. Westwood's Pre-K received a perfect score on the state evaluation.
94. Westwood has over 50 community partners.
​95. 99% of TEAM members on the Westwood Ranch are Certified and Highly Qualified.
96. Westwood has had a turnaround transformation in one school year.
97. Westwood has professional development for parents and community partners.
98. Westwood has DIBELS in all grades K-6th.
99. Westwood's attendance rate is 98%.
100. The Westwood TEAM has worked on a rigorous school safety program that promotes enhanced school, staff, and community safety earning Westwood 100% on the                       entire school safety score.
101. Deputy Kalinda Rogers was named the Red Apple 1st place winner through the African American Chamber of Commerce.
102. Westwood serves 8 grade levels Pre-K - 6th grade.
103. Westwood has been successful in helping close the achievement gap by helping ALL cowboys achieve proficiency in their  coursework.
104. Westwood was honored at the governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge in recognition for our outstanding community trailblazer,  Doc Voorhies. Doc Voorhies is a WW                       Community Resource Volunteer.  His unlimited support for WW has catapulted the success of the school.
105. Westwood has developed intensive prescriptive initiatives to ensure that ALL cowboys receive a solid educational foundation.



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