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Instructional time is of the utmost importance at the “NEW Westwood”, therefore birthday parties and seasonal parties are not allowed. Candidates may not bring cakes or cupcake to share with their class in K-6th grade.  There is a school-wide end of the year party that is made into the master schedule. Your child’s professor will let you know when that date is. You may contact the office about having a 'Western Birthday Gram' delivered to your cowboy or cowgirl on their special day. ALL birthdays are celebrated at one time during our Read Across America Annual Celebration  in March.  If birthday party invitations are needed to be passed out for a weekend celebration, please give the note to the professor and make sure there are enough invitations for every cowboy/girl in class.  The professor cannot pass out invitations for limited number of cowboys/girls. 

Yee-Haw for understanding.