Westwood Elementary is taking a stand against bullying.  School bullying prevention programs are known to decrease bullying in schools up to 25%.  Our goal is to help our cowboys and cowgirls, families, and the community get the education and help they need to prevent being bullied.  Many parents are concerned that their child might be a victim of bullying. Some of the signs that a child is being bullied include:

                                   Becoming withdrawn
                                   Showing fear when it is time to go to school
                                   Increasing signs of depression
                                   Decline in school performance
                                   Speaking of another child with fear
                                   Noticeable decline in how the child sees him or herself
                                   Signs of physical altercations, such as bruises, scrapes and other mark.

Parents and other adults can play an important role in the reduction of bullying. It is important to notice what is going on with your children, and watch for signs that he or she is being bullied, or that he or she is a bully. In both cases, it can be a good idea to talk to your child's school, as well as the school counselor to figure out a plan. Here are some things you can suggest to your child:

                                  That you go, together, to the school authorities to see what can be done in terms of increasing                                       attention on the school grounds.
                                  Encourage the child to avoid the child bully, and seek help from a teacher or trusted adult when
                                  Practice being assertive and asking the bully to leave the child alone.
                                  Encourage your child to be with true friends - bullies are less likely to pick on children who are in
                                   a group.

In the end, we need your help to combat child bullying and make our school a safe place to learn. Click on the picture below to see some of the activities Westwood has participated in to stop bullying.

Bullying Policy

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Caddo Parish Public Schools has established a bullying prevention hotline and e-mail address to allow for reporting of bullying.  The hotline number is (318) 455-4123, or you may visit erasebullying@caddo.k12.la.us.  A website has been established to provide parents and students with helpful links and important information on bullying.  Visit the district's website to learn more at www.caddo.k12.la.us/bully.